Vitamin D, a preventive vitamin that responds more like a hormone, aids in the body's ability to absorb calcium and also improves bone mineral density. Studies indicate vitamin D could also prevent a number of chronic diseases.

In the October 2008 issue of Urologic Nursing, Mark A. Moyad presents a "rapid review" of vitamin D to educate urology nurses and others about vitamin D deficiency, dietary and multivitamin supplements, blood testing and ideal vitamin D blood levels.

Much of the population is vitamin D deficient, and many factors contribute: aging, obesity, use of cholesterol-lowering medications, low intake of foods high in vitamin D and low exposure to sunlight. Eating vitamin D-rich foods, taking vitamin D supplements and increasing sun exposure are all ways to raise the body's vitamin D levels.

Moyad notes, however, that increasing one's sun exposure to improve vitamin D levels is not advised. He suggests maintaining sun-protective measures and supplementing vitamin D through multivitamins and vitamin D-rich foods.

Patients should receive the vitamin D blood test, ideally in fall or winter when levels may be at their lowest, to ensure they are maintaining proper vitamin D levels. Men receiving androgen or hormone deprivation treatment for prostate cancer or those on similar medications, which increase the risk of bone loss, should utilize the vitamin D blood test and work to maintain bone density with diet, exercise and vitamin D supplements, says Moyad.

He recommends health care providers educate patients about vitamin D "not just to improve bone health, but to improve overall health and well being." (Vitamin D: A Rapid Review; Mark A. Moyad, MD, MPH; Urologic Nursing; October 2008; suna)

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