UroToday - Dr. Steven Wilson and associates reported at the American Urologic Association annual meeting the long term results in the largest series of inflatable penile prosthesis [IPP]. Of nearly 6000 personal cases, 2384 men with first time IPP were reviewed and 10 and 15 year device survival was evaluated.

Revision free survival using Kaplan-Meier methodology was analyzed by a third party. Estimated 10 and 15 year revision-free survival was 68.5 and 59.7% and freedom from mechanical failure was 79.4 and 71.2%.

The latest Mentor Alpha-a IPP had an improved 10 year survival of 88.6% and the Paralyne coated AMS CX has a recent 97.5% 3 year revision-free survival. These results indicated excellent long term reliability of both Mentor and AMS IPP and newer models will probably outperform the older devices.

AUA 2006 - Abstract#1304

Reviewed by UroToday Contributing Editor Joel Kaufman, MD

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