England cricketer Andy Caddick joins Sam & Sean O'Brien's campaign to add one million people to the organ donor register in 2008

Sean O'Brien has cancer and urgently needs a liver transplant. Despite being told that he does not meet the criteria for the limited number of available organs available in the UK he is campaigning with his wife Sam O'Brien and many friends to increase the number of people on the donor register by one million by the end of the year and hopefully save many others like him.

Sean and Sam's "One Million Donors" campaign has got off to a flying start. They have made local TV and press appearances to support their appeal and other activities include the support of local businesses and a Christmas Ball to raise awareness.

Former England cricketer Andy Caddick who has joined the "One Million Donors" campaign says:

"There are over 7,000 people waiting for organ transplants in the UK, but only about 3000 will benefit from a new organ this year. It is tragic that people are dying while they are waiting on the transplant list and I'd encourage everyone to sign up to the organ donor register to help people like Sean."

Sean, Sam and Andy Caddick now want to take their message to a wider audience and are willing to give interviews and make appearances to share their story and boost the campaign for the benefit of all people in the UK on transplant waiting lists.


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