In recognition of Older Americans Month, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) invites seniors nationwide to take advantage of free online screenings for benefits programs through its BenefitsCheckUp program.

BenefitsCheckUp is the nation's most comprehensive Web-based service to screen seniors with limited income and resources for benefits programs. By visiting benefitscheckup, seniors can search through more than 2,000 federal, state, and local benefits programs to find help with the cost of health care, prescription drugs, food, housing, utility bills, and more. In addition, local and state agencies across the country provide free screenings and support for seniors using BenefitsCheckUp. Many agencies are using Older Americans Month as an opportunity to extend and promote outreach of this valuable service.

"In recognition of Older Americans Month, the Administration on Aging is calling for older Americans to Age Strong! Live Strong!," said Stuart Spector, senior vice president at NCOA. "BenefitsCheckUp is designed to help vulnerable older adults improve their opportunities to age strong by providing information on and access to thousands of benefits programs in one, comprehensive, easy-to-access format."

Two Thousand Programs Strong

It's important for seniors to check their eligibility for various benefits programs, as eligibility requirements frequently change. BenefitsCheckUp continually makes updates to account for these changes, making it quick and easy for seniors to access updated information, eligibility rules and application forms. Seniors should use BenefitsCheckUp as a resource to check their eligibility for 2,000 federal, state, and local programs that can help with utilities, food, housing, and other basic needs. Enrollment forms for most programs are provided as part of BenefitsCheckUp's interactive screening process. Since 2001, more than 2.4 million people have used the service, identifying benefits valued at more than $8.3 billion.

National Council on Aging

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