Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease are the major causes of death in the world. Atherosclerotic plaque, the narrowing of blood vessels, causes audible turbulence in the bloodstream. Standard and electronic stethoscopes are designed to listen to heart and lung signals between 10-300 Hz. But as these waves do not travel in straight paths, and this frequency is a physiological sound, this uncertainty of origin may cause diagnosis errors.

Based on the discoveries of Olinger(1977), Abe(1980), Slavin, Haykin(1986), Kroslov(1987), Eisenberg(1984), Gordon(1989), Semmilow, et al.(1989), the Israel-German Conference of 1991, Dondysh(2006), ProTron Technologies has created the Stethotron(R) - Intra-vascular Atherosclerotic Detector.

Unlike ultrasound, the Stethotron(R) is non-invasive and avoids listening to undesirable wavelengths. Using our patented filtration, doctors may detect the audible, vascular turbulence at 300-1000 Hz that reveals pathology. Eliminating the cost of ultrasound, and in only minutes, the Stethotron(R) provides a revolution in doctor/patient care.

Without invasive procedures, doctors can now quickly and easily detect early atherosclerotic changes in vessels before more acute symptoms appear, when it is too late and too costly to treat.

Source: ProTron Technologies

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