Life Fitness combines form and function with the sophisticated new 95X Elliptical Cross-Trainer, one of the products being introduced to Latin America as part of the ElevationTM Series. This new cross-trainer features the company's latest entertainment and motivational features along with a number of revolutionary design upgrades.

"We conducted a tremendous amount of research in our labs and with customers and end users to design an elliptical cross-trainer with superior biomechanics and functionality," said Bob Quast, vice president of product management for Life Fitness. "We believe we've created a product that's not only more comfortable to work out on, but also more engaging."

The new 95X is offered with three new, unique options - the EngageTM, InspireTM and AchieveTM consoles. The Engage console features a 15-inch LCD touch screen with integrated TV, while the Inspire console offers a 7-inch LCD touch screen. Both include seamless iPod® integration; USB connectivity to create, track and store workout information; and vibrant Workout Landscape™ Perspectives. Users also can view iPod-delivered video content from the Engage console's integrated screen or from the Inspire console through an optional 17-inch Attachable TV. The Achieve console features an easy-to-use amber LED display, and the six most commonly used Life Fitness workouts.

With its sophisticated, sculptural design and clean silver and gray palette, the new 95X features a number of upgrades to enhance user comfort. The machine's redesigned pedals are larger in size giving users the ability to adjust their foot position comfortably, and narrow pedal spacing (2.8") minimizes lateral hip shifting to reduce lower back stress. Quiet and easy to use, the new 95X features resistance controls on the moving handlebars for easy workout adjustments.

Seamless iPod Integration

It seemed only natural that the leader in fitness equipment be first to provide seamless iPod integration. This compatibility, standard on the Engage and Inspire consoles, makes it possible for iPod users to plug in and charge their iPods, control their iPod playlists from the console, and watch iPod-delivered video content. Users plug their headphones directly into the console while safely storing their player in the iPod holding tray.

Training Assistance in a Flash

To further personalize the workout experience, the Engage and Inspire consoles of the Elevation Series feature a USB port, which enables users and trainers to create and save pre-set workouts and track the user's progress. Customized workouts can be stored on a USB stick and plugged directly into the console to view and select the user's workout program on the equipment's integrated LCD screen. Exercise results can be saved to the USB stick at the end of the workout.

"The USB port enables exercisers to get on and go," Quast said. "Once they select their pre-set workout, the equipment automatically reads their settings and begins their program without the need for any data entry. And it gives trainers a chance to easily follow their client's progress and provide customized workouts."

Customers also can use the USB port to upload future software upgrades to the Engage and Inspire consoles.

Workout Landscape Perspectives

The Engage and Inspire consoles also feature the visually appealing Workout Landscape Perspectives, which enable exercisers to select one of three motivating landscapes during their workout - Mountain, 400 Meter Track or 5K Nature Trail. Users can make on-the-fly perspective changes by pressing the designated button on the LCD screen.


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