UroToday - Recent studies have suggested a relationship between age and the clinical characteristics of renal cell carcinoma (RCC), where the biology of tumors in younger patients may be quite different from that found in older patients. In this report by Jun and colleagues, the interrelationship between patient age and the clinical characteristics of RCC are examined.

The authors examined the clinical characteristics of 310 patients with RCC, dividing them into the following groups based on patient age: = 60 years of age. In their results, the authors noted that there was an increased male to female ratio (3.3:1 versus 1.3:1) in the >= 60 group (p=0.01), a greater likelihood of an incidental presentation in the 41-59 year group (42.2% versus 31.2%, p=0.047), and a higher incidence of poorly differentiated tumors in the younger

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