Nearly One Million Britons are set to be able to identify and address the fact that they have a potentially life-threatening condition- by simply wearing a stick-on moustache-like device for one night!

SleepStrip is the world's first disposable Apnoea screening device, which is now available to the general public to use at home through SnoreSense, a screening and treatment service for Snorers. (snoresense)

It is estimated that nearly 1 in 15 of Britain's 15 million snorers could be suffering the condition Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) without knowing it. The condition causes sufferers to literally stop breathing and repeatedly wake in the night. This in turn leads to excessive daytime sleepiness and affects lives dramatically. Not only has OSA been linked to driving accidents and accidents at work, sufferers are also at much greater risk of heart disease and stroke.

Loud and regular snoring is the most tell-tale sign of OSA but mostly sufferers and their families simply regard snoring as a noisy nuisance. Partners of snorers sometimes report the snorer stops breathing sometimes for up to 60 seconds or more, but again, they simply don't realise that this is another sign of a sinister and potentially deadly condition.

Until now, it is mostly those who suffer the most extreme symptoms who bother to investigate the underlying cause, but this is usually only carried out through costly sleep studies with long waiting lists of many months.

Costing just £29.95, SleepStrip is available to buy from independent chemists or on-line from the company's informative website snoresense. It is a simple electronic device which is worn like a false moustache* for just one night.

On waking, the SleepStrip is carefully removed and returned to SnoreSense who will analyse the results which give a clear indication whether the wearer has signs of OSA or is simply a severe snorer. SnoreSense will then offer the sufferer a number of options depending on the severity of the problem. Solutions include the professional fitting of a comfortable, and adjustable mandibular device which is worn at night, through to a more detailed home sleep study and potentially the use of a CPAP machine.

SnoreSense is working in partnership with a number of industry leaders to offer the highest quality of care. ³Respironics, the leading provider of innovative solutions for the global sleep and respiratory markets, will offer both the Startdust II professional home sleep study and also provides a wide range of CPAP equipment which it will install and service. The Oasis Group has a country-wide team of fully trained dentists to professionally fit and adjust the Therasnore mandibular device. Therasnore will be able to help a large number of Apnoea suffers as well as eradicate or significantly reduce snoring in around 92% of cases, even if there are no signs of Sleep Apnoea present.

SnoreSense offers a unique service to snoring sufferers allowing them to determine if they have any serious associated health disorders. Working with the providers of gold-standard treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea, anyone purchasing the SleepStrip home screener from SnoreSense will be able to use the cost of the device towards any ongoing treatment.

For further information visit snoresense.

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How SleepStrip Works

- Worn like a false moustache while you sleep, SleepStrip monitors breathing throughout the night and records respiratory events and breaks in breathing. The information is calculated by the device to give a reading which is interpreted by the Sleep Support team.

Medical Opinion on Sleep Disorders

Dr David Dawson, Consultant Anaesthetist and Specialist in Sleep Disordered Breathing said: "Snoring is not only a cause of considerable domestic strife but can also be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. In the majority of cases a cure can be achieved by weight loss, but others may require a mandibular advancement splint or surgery. Some will have obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). If this is not treated there is an increased risk that the sufferer will develop high blood pressure and other medical problems. There is also a dramatically increased risk of accidents as a result of falling asleep unpredictably. Snoring is not something that should be ignored either by the individual or by family doctors."


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