Randox Laboratories Ltd. have developed four tests for the assessment of renal function. Randox have two tests for creatinine, the standard marker for renal function. Creatinine levels in the blood rise when there is kidney damage. Randox also produce microalbumin and total urinary protein tests for the detection of proteinuria, where damage to the kidney allows large proteins such as albumin to enter the urine.

Creatinine is a waste product removed from the blood into the urine by the kidney. Kidney damage results in creatinine being retained in the blood causing levels to rise. The Jaffé method is a cost-effective and easy-to-run test. The UV enzymatic method is more specific than other colorimetric enzymatic tests and does not show interferences from bilirubin, commonly used drugs, endogenous creatine or ammonia.

Protein in the urine indicates kidney damage; untreated, the damage can become irreversible. Randox's microalbumin test detects the first signs of kidney damage enabling treatment at an early stage. The progression of kidney damage can be slowed down or reversed by careful dietary control, lowering high blood pressure and taking ACE inhibitors. Randox's microalbumin test is a ready-to-use liquid reagent and has a wide measuring range and liquid calibrators are available.

Total urinary protein measurement is important for conditions associated with an increased risk of renal failure such as renal disease, diabetes, essential hypertension and cardiac decomposition. Randox's total urinary protein test shows equal reactivity with albumin and globulin, has ready-to-use liquid reagent and includes a standard.

The Randox range of tests for renal function are suitable for use on a wide range of clinical analysers.

About Randox

Randox is an international diagnostics company, headquartered in the UK. Randox develop, manufacture and market clinical diagnostic products worldwide. Core products are: Biochip Array Technology; clinical chemistry analysers and reagents; quality controls and EQA; recombinant proteins and antibodies.


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